How to Make your Own DIY Barn Wood


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Barn wood is a great choice for decorating the interior of your house. However, the cost of barn wood is too high. Nevertheless, making barn wood can be very easy and you can use cheaper boards to make authentic-looking barn wood.

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If it’s your first time making your own DIY barn wood, watch the family handyman’s video on YouTube for a quick look at how it’s done. Make sure you understand all the steps and the tools you need before you begin.

The Tools You’ll Need

Making barn wood from inexpensive wood requires some tools, which include:

  • Protective glasses
  • A hammer
  • An angle grinder
  • A utility knifes
  • An awl
  • Different colors of stains
  • Paint brush

These tools are quite affordable and they will serve you well when working on more projects involving barn wood. You should first wear protective glasses to protect your eyes from anything that might get into them when you are grinding the wood.

Additionally, make sure you are working in a safe environment where the tools are away from the reach of children.

The Purpose of the Tools

The purpose of the angle grinder is to get rid of the softer parts of the wood and expose the rougher parts. The hammer will be used to dent the wood. The awl will be used to make the wood have wormholes.

You will use the knife to give the wood a rougher appearance. The different colors of stain will be painted over the wood to give it a more weathered look and a good contrast. The paint brush is used to apply the stains and you should begin with the lighter stain. You may use a grey or brown brush.

Steps in Making Your Own DIY Barnwood

Making your own barnwood is very easy, just follow these simple steps:

  • Use the angle grinder to get rid of the soft parts the wood or board you are using. You should wear protective glasses before using the angle grinder. If you are sensitive to noise, you can wear earplugs.
  • Begin grinding from the edges of the wood and then run it along the grain of the wood.
  • Use the hammer to make some dents on the wood.
  • Use the awl to create some wormholes. You should do this randomly to make it appear more realistic.
  • Use the knife to roughen the surface of the wood. You should do this by cutting the remaining soft parts of the wood.
  • Follow the pattern of the wood especially the growth rings. You can also use the knife to make small cracks on the wood.
  • Use the paint brush and apply the stains to the wood. Begin with the lighter color and then apply a cloth to blotch the brown stain on the wood. Blotch the brown stain in a randomized pattern.
  • Then apply the grey stain to the wood lightly on the whole surface. This will give the wood a more authentic barnwood look.You should also do the above steps on both sides of the wood if they are going to be seen. You may need to do a bit of practice before you get the results you want.
  • After completing all the above steps, leave the wood to dry a bit.
  •  seem more realistic. If you need your boards for a more durable project, then allow them to dry for a day, later apply a coat of polyurethane.
  • After making your barnwood, you can use it to make a door, refurnish some of your furniture and use it in projects that require barnwood. You can seal the wood if it’s going to be exposed to substances such as grease to make it easier to clean.

Enjoy Making Your Own Barnwood

Making your own DIY Barnwood is very cost-effective and it will give you a chance to create something by working with your hands.

You can also make your own DIY barnwood with some help from friends and family. This will help you come up with interesting projects that you can complete together using barnwood.

Watch tutorial on Youtube.

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