7 Christmas DIY Wood Sign Ideas That You Can Try This Holiday Season


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Christmas is on the corner and people can’t wait to get together with their friends and family –it’s some people’s favorite time of the year. Having said that, Christmas decorations are now placed inside and even outside the home. Christmas garlands and wreaths are not the only ways for you to improve your space this holiday season.

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In this post, we will be sharing 7 simple, yet cool Christmas DIY wood sign ideas that you can try this holiday season. Aside from being inexpensive, unlike the premade wood signs, these are so easy to make!

Are you ready? Let’s get started!

7 Christmas DIY Wood Sign Ideas For You To Try

1. DIY Chalkboard Countdown To Christmas Wood Sign

Are you ready to countdown to Christmas? We are! All of us know exactly how many days ‘til Santa Claus comes down out chimney. This is a super easy do-it-yourself chalkboard Christmas countdown wood sign that you can put in your front entry.

This is so easy to make. All you need is a wood slice, garland, picture frame stand, foam pouncers, chalk paint, and chalk. Do you want to know how to do it? Check this YouTube video out and find out how easy it is to make it!

2. Rustic Christmas Tree Wood Sign

If you have a 3D printer at home, you might as well want to use that with your old pallet wood. This can make for a unique, rustic Christmas décor. With its distinctive look and design, your friends or family will love it displayed anywhere at home!

For this, you will need reclaimed wood from an old pallet, paint, hardened aluminum, and 3D printed ‘Christmas Tree’. If you want to try this yourself, check this video!

3. ‘Tis The Season” Christmas Wood Sign

Another easy to make DIY Christmas wood sign you can try is this. It is so simple to make and all you need are paint, wood, brush, and some vinyl stickers, which you can pre-order. Its unique design will surely be a great addition to some other Christmas decorations you have at home. If you want to learn how to do this, just watch this YouTube clip!

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4. Vintage Santa Sign

Do you believe that Santa Claus is real? Then this Christmas wood sign can be a go-to DIY wood sign for you. This will surely tell you that wood signs don’t need to be expensive, plus it is so easy to create.

Its vintage vibe will surely fit your taste! If you want to try it out yourself, watch this YouTube video out and know how to do it!

5. “Merry Christmas” Décor Wood Sign

If you want a simple Christmas DIY wood sign for your home, you can try this out. You will just need a single piece of wood, marker, paint, “Merry Christmas” sign printed on a paper, and paintbrush. It is very easy to make.

With its simple design, you’ll not be needing lots and lots of time doing it. if you want to try it out, watch this video tutorial!

6. Farmhouse Style Christmas Wood Sign

If you often go to Walmart, then this one is an easy wood sign to do. You will just need some scrap wood at home, chalk paint, foam paintbrush, and a decal that is readily available in Walmart.

You will just need to paint the wood with chalk paint using your foam brush, and then stick the decal into the painted wood. It is so easy to make, but it looks so good and will surely fit your home interior design! Try it out, check this YouTube clip!

7. 3-Piece Wood Sign Wall Décor

This 3-piece Christmas wood design is an eye-catcher! Aside from that, it is also versatile and so inexpensive.

You will just need boards, ornament décor, wooden letter, pine pick, Santa snow, spray paint, poster board, wood stain, and some other easy-to-obtain materials. It is so easy to make –what you need to do? Well, just check this tutorial video on YouTube. She will tell you everything you need!

That’s pretty much it! These are the 7 Christmas DIY wood sign ideas that you can try this holiday season. They are so easy to make and you don’t need to break your bank just to make them.

Don’t forget to share this post, more especially if you have relatives or friends who love to make their own DIY Christmas decorations using woods!

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