5 Easy Outdoor Wood Project Ideas


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Do you have much spare time? Why not spend it doing something that you can greatly appreciate. Nowadays, DIY projects are becoming a trend. And with wood being available almost everywhere, people’s ideas about various wood projects come out.

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In this article, we will share 5 easy outdoor wood project ideas that you can try in your homes. Surely, they won’t only make your time worth spending, they will also make your surrounding more appealing. Here they are.

1. Classic Birdhouse

Whether you attract wild birds in your yard or not, a bird house can be a nice outdoor wood project idea. It could serve as a resting place for little birdies and it can beautify your garden as well.

Materials & Tools:

a piece of lumber (1” x 7 ¼” x 8ft.)

galvanized finishing nails (1 ¼ inch)

1 dowel (¼ “diameter)

wood glue


miter saw

tape measure

framing square

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holesaw bits



  • Cut the lumber 9” x 7 ¼” and prepare two pieces with this measurement. These will be the front and back part of the birdhouse. Mark each center vertically and from the center to the outside ends, create a miter cut along the top that is 45-degrees. Then, work on the sides. Create another 45 degrees miter cut on the sides from the bottom part. You should have 2 pentagon shapes that characterize the shape of a birdhouse.
  • For the sidings, cut 2 pieces of wood that measure 5 ½” x 5 ½”. And for the roof, cut 1 piece 6” x 7 ½” and another piece 5 1/8” x 7 ¼”. The cuts differ as one pieces overlaps the other. For the bottom part, cut 5 ½” x 2 ½” with ¼” miter cut on each corner.
  • Get one of the pentagon shaped-cut and create a circular entrance. You can use a drill to do this.
  • Start putting up the pieces using the glue. Start with the front and the back part, then the sides. The sides should be inserted between the front and back part. Then, at every joint, drill 2 pilot holes and insert the finishing nails. Fasten the bottom using the same process.
  • For the roof, put the longer piece over the other one and attach it to the base. Then, below the entrance, drill a hole, get the dowel, dap a glue on one end and insert it in the hole.
  • You may paint or design it according to your liking. Once dry, screw hooks on the roof peak and hang it using a wire or a rope.

Watch this video tutorial on Youtube.

2. Wood Lanterns

Decorative lanterns are a great way to brighten and embellish your surroundings. Creating them is also a nice way to spend your time productively.


18-gauge brad nails (1 ¼”)


Elmer’s Wood Filler





scrap wood


  • We’ll make 2 small lanterns in this project. Cut the woods in the following measurements:

8 pieces 1” x 14” (sides)

2 squares 5 3/8” (top and bottom)

1 square 3 ¼” (top)

4 pieces 1×1” (stand)

  • Start with the bottom part. Glue and nail a support on each corner of the square. Then, get the big and small pieces for the top and glue them together with the small piece over the bigger one. Once dry, attach it on top of the support.
  • Turn it upside down and work on the stand. Get the 4 feet and glue them. Secure them with nails.
  • Use the wood filler to fill the gaps and holes. Smoothen every piece with a sandpaper.
  • Stain the lantern with your favorite color and dry. You may also paint the knobs if you want. When completely dry, attach the knob on top. Place your lantern in your favorite spot.

Watch this video tutorial on Youtube.

3. Outside Door Mat

Welcome guests and love ones with a wood mat that doesn’t only make your home entrance appealing but also shows your craftsmanship. Always make sure that it satisfies your style.


8 balusters w/ square ends (36” x 2” x2”)

1 roll sisal rope



circular saw


box cutter

measuring tape


painters tape


  • Get the balusters and cut each of them in half to make 16 pieces. Use the tape and the pencil to make sure that each measures equally.
  • Make holes an inch from the end of each baluster end using your drill. Smoothen every piece with the sandpaper and stain them.
  • Get the sisal rope and cut 2 pieces using the box cutter. Each piece should be 80” long.
  • Design the pieces of wood using the paint. In this part, your creativity matter. Use the painters tape to avoid paint mess.
  • Once dry, get the rope and make a knot on one end. Insert the other end through the hole of the baluster and make another knot. Continue threading until the 16th At the end, tie a knot and cut the remaining rope. Continue doing the same process to the other side. Your mat is ready.

Watch this video tutorial on Youtube.

4. Hanging Flower Boxes

Without a doubt, and flowers make our yard more stunning. With flowers planters that you make and design by yourself, they look even more gorgeous.


Wood (pressure treated)

Miter saw


Pocket hole system (Kreg Jig)

Wood glue

Combination square

Outdoor pocket screws (1 ¼”)


Sisal Rope


  • Start by preparing the cuts needed for the project. For one planter, you will need 3 pieces 1” x 7” x 45” wood (bottom, front and back), 2 pieces 1” x 5 ½” x 6 ¼” wood (sides). Make sure to get the right measurement for each.
  • Create holes on each piece using the Kreg Jig. For the side pieces, make 3 holes on each side. These will be used to attach front and back wood. Below, make 2 sets of 2 holes for the bottom piece. Get the bottom wood and create 4 sets of 2 holes on each side to attach to front and back wood.
  • Attach each piece using the pocket screws and glue. First, attach the front panel to the bottom panel, the sides, then the back. Make drain holes at the bottom panel. Sand the rough part and paint and decorate the box.
  • Fill the box with soil and plants of your choice.
  • Cut 2 pieces of sisal rope that measures 2 meters each. Tie them on each side and hang it wherever you want.

Watch this video tutorial on Youtube.

5. Rustic Hanging Basket Stand

Rustic, basket and flowers are a good combination to spice up your outdoor spaces. Fill your yard with this and you’ll surely be complimented. It’s easy, economical and is surely outstanding.


2 pieces 2x4x6

1 piece 2×8 (2 feet)


wood glue

combination square




hanging plant basket


  • Prepare the cut of woods needed. Cut 2 2×4 to 36” and 2 to 19.5”. These will be used for the frame. Cut 1 2×4 to 16.5” and 1 2×8 to 24”. You will use these for the bottom and center piece.
  • Drill holes on the sides and ends which will be used to attach the pieces together. After this, you can start assembling the frame and securing them with screws and glue. The longer pieces must be on sides and the shorter pieces are on the top and bottom. To perfect the rectangular shape, you can use a combination square.
  • Get the 2x8x24” piece of wood and attach it at the bottom using screws and glue. This will serve as the base of the planter.
  • Sand the frame and the remaining wood and stain it with a rustic color.
  • Once they are completely dry, attach the hook in the middle of the remaining piece. Attach the center piece to the frame. It should be placed under the top part of the frame.
  • Hang your flower basket and your project is done.

Watch this video tutorial on Youtube.


When it comes to your creativity, your imagination is the limit. Always find time to spend each day productively with a result which everyone can appreciate.

As you realized in these projects, beautifying your yard doesn’t always have to be costly, it only needs your time, effort and limitless imagination.

I hope that with these simple projects, you will be able to create something amazing and useful out of your precious times.

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